SANS: Unleashing AI on Red Team and Malware Dev

SANS slides are posted at : /sans/AI_Red_Team_Maldev_SANS.pdf

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Emerging Use Cases for AI in Red Team

In this article, we will examine some of the emerging use cases for the inclusion of AI in Red Team operations. We will not attempt to examine all cases, but to hone in on a few which I feel are "just around the corner" and also the most immediately impactful to the security space. Namely, we will cover the use of AI for operational decision making, code generation, and runtime code synthesis. I'd like to include 'AI as a C2', but that should probably get it's own post (soon).

So let's examine the 3 use cases I've identified so far:

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Coding with AI Part II: My Setup

I'd like to preface this write-up by first making fun of myself from the future. Not long from now, the title of this article will be akin to saying "Driving with a car" or "Cooking with electricity". You won't need or want to specify the AI part, that will just be assumed. It won't be "coding with AI", just coding.

Now that I've got that out of my system, let's get into it.

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Cyphercon: AI for Red Team and Malware Development

Slides are posted at /cyphercon/slides.pdf.

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Coding with AI

In this blog, we will be examining how, over the course of a couple hours, I wrote a process injection from scratch without any googling or crawling github etc... using just the Assistant at

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